The Financial Planning Process

Edge Financial Services work together with aligned specialists such as Accountants, Business Advisers, General Insurance Experts and Specialist Legal Professionals to ensure we can provide you with a one-stop shop of advice.

  • Debt and Portfolio Management
  • SMSF Investment
  • Property Portfolio Strategies
  • Estate Planning
  • Superannuation and Insurance
  • Retirement and Business Planning

Getting Started

Before we can start the journey to your new financial life, we are legally obligated to obtain some personal information about you and your current situation. You need to complete these details as honestly and accurately as possible.

To ensure that we can get started as soon as possible, we ask that you provide the below information within 7 days of our request:

  • Fact Find via our secure web-based portal
  • Authority of Access and Privacy Consent forms
  • Photo Identification [Valid Drivers License or Passport]
  • Statements of any superannuation fund accounts, risk covers and investments [incl. managed funds and shares]
  • Your MyGov ATO superannuation summary

Determine your
Financial Position

Next, we will make a request to your superannuation, risk cover and/or investment providers for information. They will only provide us with the information we need to know and we won't have any permission to transact or make changes to your account.

When we receive all of the information, your adviser will make an initial assessment of your circumstances and provide you with a breakdown and summary.

The adviser will also provide you with our Financial Services Guide (FSG] and Life Plan Philosophy document with a 'Client Wants', 'Risk Profile' and 'Client Service Offering' document for you to complete and return.


Statement of Advice

Our Statement of Advice is the guidebook to your financial future. It forms the foundation strategy that can grow and adapt over the years as you progress towards your goals.

Inside of it, we detail all of our recommended strategies in depth and provide the Product Disclosure Statements and other important information for all of the recommended products.

This will be presented to you in a PDF document via our Edge Lifestyle Manager portal unless you ask us to post it to you.

You are required to read this and return the confirmation page to us before we are able to begin the application and implementation process.



If we recommend that you move to a new, personal superannuation fund we will open this account for you. We will also ask for your Tax File Number at this stage, to provide to your new fund and insurer.

We will also initiate a partial rollover from your existing fund. The processing time for this can vary significantly depending on how busy your existing fund is, the amount being rolled over and if they need to send a cheque to your new fund or if they can complete a EFT payment.

You will be required to confirm multiple documents during this time to allow the changes to occur. Your existing fund may require an original-signed document and in this case we will post you the required documents with a return envelope.



If we recommend that you begin a Self-Managed Super Fund, we will be able to assist you through the entire process.


  • Creation of the super fund [incl. Trust Deed, Constitution of the Corporate Trustee, ABN and ACN registration and GST]
  • Opening of a bank account and trading account [if applicable]
  • Initiation of partial rollovers from your current superannuation fund/s
  • Purchase of investments
  • Referral to an accountant and auditor if required

It is important to note that the finalisation of a new SMSF can take a significant amount of time as the ATO may choose to conduct further investigation before registering the fund.


Risk Covers

The risk covers that we recommend will likely require pre-policy issue 'underwriting'. This is where you complete lifestyle, medical and family history questions as a part of the application process, rather than at the time of a claim.

If the insurer feels they need more information about your history, they may ask for you to undergo tests and/or visit your GP. They may also choose to place a premium loading or exclusion on your policy.

You must provide full and honest disclosure otherwise the insurer may decline your claim if the time comes.

Please ask us for a copy of our 'Risk Cover Underwriting: Pre-Policy vs. Claim' if you would like more information



If we have addressed your personal investment goals and provided recommendations, we will be able to implement these for you.

We have access to not only investment platforms but also have the ability to invest directly with a managed fund or bond. The structure of your investments will be determined by us from your risk profile, goals and future plans.

You will be required to confirm multiple documents during this time and we ask that you return these without delay.


Tidy Up

To ensure you experience a smooth transition to your new financial life, we will ensure everything is in order for you.

If applicable, this includes:

  • Creation of a 'Super Choice Form' to give to your employer
  • Closure of superseded risk policies
  • Tracking of employer contributions to your new superannuation account and assistance if required
  • Initiating a Full Rollover of your old superannuation account once the above condition has been met and/or your new risk covers are in place

Estate Planning

While you may have a Will that notes your wishes, would your family know what to do with your social media accounts, magazine subscriptions or rewards cards?

We are able to provide you with a 'Personal Information and Estate Record' document at no extra cost to help you bring everything together in one place.

Please keep in mind that this is not a legally-binding document and is only to be used to assist your family and/or executor.

We are able to refer you to a qualified family law solicitor for the creation of Wills, Enduring Power of Attorneys and Testamentary Trusts at your request.


Our Journey
Doesn't End Here

You can rest easy knowing that we will continue to review your portfolio on a regular basis.

We will also provide you with ongoing advice and mentoring along with assisting with any questions or claims you may have.

You will also receive a regular email newsletter from the Director of Edge. And if you live close by, we will invite you to our exclusive education seminars.

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