About Us

While life is full of opportunities, it is also home to many challenges. The world of finance and investment has become a very complex place which is full of options and regulations.

You need and deserve tailored, specific advice which will guide and assist you, your family or your business towards financial independence and certainty.

We believe, that to be successful in this world all people need a plan to be SAFE and protected, an ongoing plan to be SECURE and comfortable and a plan to INVEST and be wealthy.

You and your family deserve ongoing financial education and guidance, to achieve emotional intelligence and financial security. 

Our belief is that Financial Freedom is everyone’s right – if they choose it.

We know that we help change peoples’ lives through our ongoing mentoring and motivation program, strategic advice and continual support.

Why Edge (AUST) Financial Services?

Life is a family sport. Give yours an EDGE.

We are an experienced advisory firm small enough to be able to provide you with the highest level of personalised service, yet large enough to have the breadth and depth of skills and specialist networks to provide quality advice. Our many longstanding clients are testimony to our long term relationship based approach with most having grown with us over many years.

Our holistic approach to your financial objectives can only be achieved with the experience of specialists in Finance, Wealth Management & Business Advisory Services. 

We are a single source of quality advice for all your financial needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the Senior Adviser in your professional team by combining our skills and networks to create specific investment plans for your family or business – whilst matching your goals with comfort levels.

Our Story

Scott Butler is the founding member of Edge (AUST) Financial Services. “Traditional Financial Advisors are too busy being Financial Advisors,” Butler says. “Our point of difference is that we understand that clients’ need and deserve to be mentored and guided, so they can take advantage of the opportunities that life presents, but also how to recognise and overcome challenges that arise.”

After years in the Commercial Real Estate & construction industry, Scott began his career in adult education, investment mentoring, and strategic financing advice in March 2006. 

After years of recognising the lack of truly specific & holistic guidance and advice in the wealth creation and adult education industry, Scott set about forming Edge (AUST) Financial Services in 2010. “This was really because we felt that the client experience and advice was often too concentrated in one area. Traditional Financial Advisors would always focus and recommend share portfolio’s. People aligned to the property industry would always focus and recommend real estate as the only wealth creation tool,” says Butler.

“Too often the recommendations from these Advisors were aligned with their remuneration, or their lack of education for other strategies.”

“I wanted to make sure that we could provide outstanding advice that covered all investment asset classes, including real estate, businesses, shares and cash options. Along with that, our focus is on the family as a strategic unit, where we apply our philosophies of well thought out estate planning, assets protection and risk cover insurances.”

The Edge (AUST) Financial Services team has rapidly grown, and currently has 6 staff along with hundreds of clients in all corners of Australia. The business is currently looking to expand in North Queensland, in order to fully service its large client base in that region.

 Our Process

 Find out what the lending process with Edge looks like here.